Every employer has a legal duty to ensure, within reasonable limits, the health, safety and welfare in the workplace of all employees. At the same time, employers are obligated to protect the health and safety of anyone visiting the workspace or anyone that may be affected by the work performed by their employees. A drug test can be performed in order to ensure that employees that are unfit to work due to drug or alcohol misuse are discovered and can be offered medical assistance on time. This includes managing any health and safety risks posed by employees who may be under the influence of drink or drugs whilst at work, or during working hours. Moreover, the drug test can be also used as a tool to scan for toxic drugs, that have been prescribed by a physician but may have a nocive effect on the body. Even though there are so many advantages to performing a drug test, there are also a few things to keep in mind like the accuracy and what to do in case of a false-positive test result.

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The Reasons For Drug Testing

There are numerous reasons why drug testing in the workplace is beneficial to employers and employees at the same time. Besides preventing accidents, it improves employee morale, decreases accident rates, and encourages responsibility. Additionally, a workplace drug test can help employers identify employees who need help with addictions. They can also help with a rehabilitation program if needed. It is important to understand that workplace drug testing is not a replacement for honest self-reporting.

This post will highlight the reasons for false-positive reports that spread fear and terror among responsible citizens.

Dealing With Results

Employers can use workplace drug testing to help determine whether a potential employee is a substance abuser. This type of testing is most effective when a clear drug testing policy is in place, employees are informed of the procedure, and employers and employees participate in an employee assistance program. This approach is best paired with a drug-education program or an employee assistance program. You should never use workplace drug testing without a clear policy, and there is a great deal of information available to help you decide if it’s right for your business.

The presence of marijuana, cocaine, heroin or any other illegal drugs can ruin a person’s reputation and put someone in a delicate spot, especially when the person has never consumed any of those. Following are the reasons for false-positive results.

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Labelling Errors

The first error comes while marking the sample. There are chances of human error when the sample is collected and labelled. 

Usually, the collecting tube has a barcode and unique digit code, which stores all the data of the respective person. And sometimes, while noting the barcode numbers on the computer, a typo can change the result. 


If you have recently undergone a major surgical operation, your anaesthesia specialist has used local or general anaesthetic agents.

There are chances that the agent may have some residues in your body. While performing the test, those residues can be a reason for getting a red flag.


If you are suffering from depression and anxiety, your doctor could prescribe you some CNS suppressing medicines like diazepam to make you feel relaxed. In the majority of cases, people are not aware of the consequences this might have on the body therefore the results might come as a surprise and it’s important to know how to interpret them.


Alcohol is a source of anaesthetic agents, but it is also used as a disinfectant. Alcohol kills the bacteria, which is the main cause of terrible breath coming out of the mouth. The use of mouthwash gives a refreshing experience and that is why it is so widely used.

But that concentration of alcohol resides in the body and may lead to a false-positive drug test result.

Passive Smoking

Sitting close to someone who takes puffs of cigarettes filled with marijuana leads to passive smoking. Because only by sitting next to a smoker you can inhale unfiltered smoke of hallucinating agent, which causes the addition of those chemicals in your body.

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Last Words

If your drug test comes positive, immediately contact any other lab and provide a sample to double-check the results. If the results come negative, you need to go for a third try! In case of a positive result, consult your physician and see what might have caused the outcome.