Can you start an online business for just $100? The answer came from a surprising source: a government funded think tank. The think tank, that does not always support particular parties, did in fact recommend that small entrepreneurs to try out an online business and see how it works. If the venture doesn’t work out, they will not just throw in the towel, they will go back to their government grants and kick themselves for not seeing this business opportunity before it was too late.

The reason that this is possible now, is that in the past decade or so, there has never been such a great time to be an entrepreneurial entrepreneur. There are a lot of opportunities on the Internet for extremely low startup costs, such as selling your own products, writing your own eBooks or even starting an eBay store. Most people think that if you have a product to sell, you need a large investment to get started, but this simply isn’t true any longer. Because of the low costs involved, many people are choosing to try out these new Internet businesses and see for themselves how they can earn a living through the Internet.

A very important thing that you must keep in mind when you’re looking at starting an online business is that the low cost, but profitable online businesses of the past simply weren’t available. In fact, they were downright impossible to make money with, because they required you to have some major skills that just weren’t common. However, you can start an online business right now for just a few hundred dollars, which is definitely much cheaper than what you would spend on a year’s training program to become an Internet guru. You should always remember though, that starting an Internet business is a long-term investment into your future, so make sure that the venture you start is something that you’ll actually be able to benefit from.